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not_alone_icons's Journal

Not Alone Icon - McFly Icons by Sophie
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Welcome to Not Alone Icons This is the graphics community of me: helena_rw So, please have a look around and use the memories to look around and find icons/screencaps/brushes that I've made.

+ NO stealing without crediting. This has happened once already at GJ and I am attempting to rectify the problem. If you take anything then put credit to helena_rw or not_alone_icons in the comments of userpictures, or in a resources post on your graphics journal.

+ NO hotlinking/stealing bandwidth. It's basically where you copy the URL from an image and paste it somewhere else. Voila - tis a picture. However, my Photobucket account only has so much bandwidth allocated. This is isn't a probelm with icons used on LJ/GJ/etc. because normally the images are uploaded to the LiveJournal/GreatestJournal/etc. servers. But if there are other images you wish to display, PLEASE upload them to an image host such as putfile.com, Imageshack.us, Photobucket, own personal site, whatever. As long as credit is given I'm perfectly happy.

+ I AM ACCEPTING REQUESTS. They are free (at the moment) so please contact me and ask away. If in comments, you have the urge to suggest I make more icons of a certain person then include that in your comment as well. I really need inspiration sometimes. :P


Wanna become an affilate? Email at eleanor_rigby_@hotmail.co.uk